2 comments on “Aaron Swartz, age 26 Commits Suicide

  1. he was murdered by the feds. you know it, we know it, THEY KNOW IT! for real, kill yourself over an indictment?

    • That thought did cross my mind, but if I was facing 35 years in prison and had a history of mental depression it might be plausible. I do think that this was definitely a case of over reaching of our prosecutorial system! JSTOR decided not to press charges but MIT brought 13 felony counts and up to $1 million in fines as well as 35 years in prison. How many murderers, rapists, and other hardened criminals are faced with far lesser charges? The charges did not fit the crime! Aaron’s contribution to the Internet and humanity should have far outweighed his crime of information liberation. His life an intelligence will be sorely missed.

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